We consider sustainable development as a necessity for the planet, for our landlords and our customers. Various projects are carried out in the subsidiaries. The most successful projects are then rolled-over everywhere, internationally. Below are examples of such projects.

Energy savings

Most of our retail companies are implementing low consumption bulbs and LEDs. Some of them are also implementing light control systems. We optimize the efficiency of lighting: quantity of bulbs, good positioning, use of luminous materials.
We take into account energy consumption when designing our points of sales.

Waste management

In Poland, North America and in the Czech Republic, we use recyclable bags.
In Asia and the Pacific, we implemented reusable bags and eco-friendly bags. In Australia in particular, a policy of only distributing bags upon request and the use of an additive to speed up the bags' degrading time have being implemented.
In Poland, we recycle garbage into plastic, paper and glass.

Paperwork reduction

Our subsidiaries in Belgium, North America, Poland and France have reduced paperwork, implementing some of the following actions:
- Printing both sides, using less printers, lighter paper, and non-toxic ink. Poland uses recycled paper (1 page saves 13g of wood compared to basic paper).
- Using e-invoicing and e-storage, mass scanning, electronic transmission of files.

Eco-friendly products

We systematically take into account Sustainable Development objectives when we choose our suppliers. Store fixtures are chosen according to Sustainable Development critieria, as well as the products in our stores.
In Poland, we use recycled materials for packaging of own products.
Our Czech subsidiary introduced eco-friendly coating on cups for COSTA COFFEE.

Transport optimization

Special software is used to optimize the routes of the trucks.
We limit transported volumes thanks to the optimization and improvement of our return rates.

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