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First F&B business at Hong Kong Airport: King Bakery!
Located at the Central Concourse Departure level, King Bakery is not only a leading brand in Hong Kong, but also a new and exclusive concept at Hong Kong International Airport. 

As market leader in Hong Kong, King Bakery is an egg tart kingdom, providing customers with freshly baked premium quality egg tarts, cakes, beverages, fast-food take away. With 14 outlets in Hong Kong, King Bakery sells over 20,000 egg tarts every day and King Bakery’s egg tarts are top sellers locally! Indeed, Egg tarts are renowned as the Top Ten Street Food in Hong Kong and also the 50 top best food around the world touted by CNN. Reminiscence of Hong Kong 70’s is present in the design and décor of the shop with elements such as old bottles of drinks, and old TV sets creating an overall nostalgic atmosphere of past Hong Kong. 

Visitors are delighted with the opportunity to leave with a small but delicious piece of the city’s famed culinary heritage, while Hong Kong residents of all ages feel a strong connection with this iconic local brand!

The successful opening of King Bakery is a significant move in the development strategy of Lagardère Travel Retail Greater China. With this opening, the team proves its competency in introducing well-established F&B brands to Hong Kong International Airport, one of the most demanding airports in the world. Subsequently, Lagardère Travel Retail will keep the momentum and open more stores in HKIA in the next 6 months. 

About King Bakery

Established in 1993, King Bakery does not only promote the authentic taste and smell that are Hong Kong people’s favorites, but the nostalgic feeling and cultural heritage associated with the traditional egg tarts. The company’s activities include bakery shops, fast food take-away shops, restaurants and cafes and the signature products are egg tarts, bread (雞尾包, 菠蘿包), cakes, Chinese steamed food, dim sum, local style food and milk tea.
In 2005, King Bakery purchased over 10,000 square feet of factory building and new modern equipment for a long-term development. The production line has been advanced with mechanized equipment. Hygiene and cleanliness are key concerns of the brand to guarantee a premium quality of food products and King Bakery received the HCS health monitoring certification.

And indeed, King Bakery offers a unique product quality: it is the only bakery brand awarded the Hong Kong Quality Award. King Bakery’s egg tarts have less sugar & 10% less butter than standard egg tarts… but at the same time they become more and more gourmet: the recipe evolved from 96 layers of crust in 60’s, 128 layers in 70’s to 384 layers nowadays! The more layers, the fluffier the egg tart! On top of the traditional egg custard filling, King Bakery proposes new innovative flavors such as durian, cheese, bird nest, mango, black sesame, chocolate, red beans, corn, milk, chestnut and even meat ingredients that are very well received by the customers.

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