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Riyadh: Major opening for the beginning of the year

Lagardère Travel Retail opens its two first shops ever at Riyadh Airport this week, located respectively in Terminals 1 and 2.

The call for tender won last October enables Lagardère Travel Retail to operate more than 2,000 sqm of commercial area within an airport that sees more than 10 million* international passengers per year. The openings mark the major event of the beginning of 2017 for the group.

Riyadh is an important challenge for Lagardère Travel Retail, which will manage all operations: duty-free status product importation, product storage in the local warehouse, IT infrastructure and POS system implementation and sales force recruitment.

While waiting for the full Aelia Duty Free concept to be implemented and adapted to the local culture, the teams worked on the takeover of the former operator's shops by changing the visual design.

In July, the logo, shop name, communication tools and sales force uniforms will therefore be adapted to local habits and customs, while still respecting the values of Aelia Duty Free. 

Within the shops, passengers will be able to find the usual products — including perfumes, cosmetics, confectionery and electronics — and local ones, such as dates, as in all Aelia Duty Free shops. What makes Riyadh special is that a brand-new category of products is being introduced: the ‘supermarket' range, in which customers will find products like powdered fruit juices and milk, or nuts.

As an achievement of the Duty Free Global support departments, a commitment for the teams and a major event for Lagardère Travel Retail, the openings mark the beginning of 2017 as a year full of promise! 

*in 2015

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